Enhance your Agile & Scrum Knowledge

This one-pager is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Agile values, Agile principles, and Scrum roles. Agile methodologies have become increasingly popular in the business world due to their ability to enhance flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency. Our Agile & Scrum one-pager provides a quick and easy reference guide for teams looking to […]

FREE TOOL: Culture Health Check

Culture is everything in business. From recruiting to retaining staff and getting the best out of them, it’s essential that you foster a productive culture. Take our free health check to see how you’re doing… Free Health Check

FREE GUIDE: Stay Interviews

Have you considered a ‘Stay Interview’? The ‘Great Resignation’ is ongoing, and it’s having an effect on retention, talent attraction and the bottom line. It’s all about taking an opportunity to build trust with employees and to build more qualitativeinformation that just the stats from engagement/satisfaction surveys. It’s a two-way conversation and a greater understanding […]

FREE GUIDE: Values-Based Recruitment

If you are struggling with recruitment or retention, it can be helpful to re-think not just how you are retaining employees but also how you are attracting them in the first place that means they are more likely to stay. It used to be that you would design a good job advert, make sure your […]