Employee Relations challenges

You may be experiencing some employee challenges – all businesses experience this!

At People Efficient, we’re here to help you navigate and resolve all kinds of employee relations challenges. Our friendly team of experts understand the ins and outs of workplace dynamics and is committed to ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

Whether you’re dealing with disciplinary issues, grievances, or need guidance on employment laws, our consultants bring extensive experience and knowledge to support you.


We deal with any grievances
and provide impartial advice with our expert consultants


We can investigate any
large or small concerns with our specialist ER team

Disciplinary Hearings

We can hold any disciplinary
or appeal hearing to ensure
impartial decisions are made


We can support or lead on any redundancy or change
consultations for any size of organisation


We have experts that have lead
on multiple complex and
straight-forward acquisitions
and mergers

Management Training

We can upskill your management
to become empowering leaders
that make sound judgements


We can audit your HR paperwork
& give a risk rating & straight forward action plan to
become compliant

Equality & Diversity

We can provide immersive
training on EDI to ensure your workplace is an inclusive environment

HR & People consultancy

We handle a variety of situations like resolving conflicts, managing redundancies, and conducting fair investigations into workplace disputes.

For example, if you’re facing issues with workplace harassment complaints or need to make tough decisions about redundancies due to economic changes, our team can offer the impartial and strategic advice you need.

We’ll work closely with your leadership (and/or HR if you have one!) to create customised solutions that not only address current challenges but also help build a positive work environment.

Bringing in an independent consultant from People Efficient comes with lots of advantages. 

We provide a fresh, unbiased perspective, ensuring fair and balanced outcomes. Plus, our deep understanding of best practices and legal requirements helps protect your business from potential risks. 

With our support, you’ll create a harmonious workplace where employee relations are handled with care, boosting overall morale and productivity.

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