What is your Employee Value Proposition

When you grew your business from one to many, I’m sure you wanted to create a space where employees felt fulfilled and valued.

But as you start to grow, it’s easy to become distracted by all the other pulls in business. That’s where we come in…

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Don’t let your Employee Value Proposition become an afterthought!

Slowly but surely, the impacts of a forgotten Employer Engagement Value Proposition (EVP) become clear. Attrition rates increase, sickness prevails, and change is slow.

We will help you to re-define and embed your EVP by establishing:

  • Your values & culture
  • Your onboarding experiences
  • Your rewards and loyalty promotions
  • Your effectiveness in supporting your people
  • Your approach to day-to-day people issues

What's included in our HR employee value proposition service?

This package can include:

  • Employee engagement survey & report
  • 3 x focus groups
  • Report on current EVP
  • Recommendations for projects to increase EVP

All packages are tailored to suit business needs, size and budget.

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A fresh take on how HR leaders and business owners can lead their teams to respond to change at pace.

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