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People Efficient holds the belief that how we work is the solution to high-performance, good mental well-being and exceptional leadership.

We provide Consultants, Interims, Trainers and Experts to solve your people challenges in a fresh & agile way.

Empowered teams, engaged workforces and a place where people love to work.

THAT is what will drive your business forward.

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With a proven history of delivering HR support, leadership and projects to award-winning standards, People Efficient provide tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your strategy, addressing any people-related challenges or goals you may have.

We specialise in creating highly engaged workforces and cultivating people-centric cultures. Our agile, transparent and collaborative approach significantly reduces HR issues while boosting engagement, participation, and productivity.

Your People are Your Power

Your business may be going through some change, growth or turbulence and you need some additional support from an experienced expert to lead your people project or support your leaders.

This is where we come in…

Our Products & Services

HR & People Projects
Employee Relations
Interim HR Support
Agile in HR™
Leadership Training
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What do our clients think?

“I had the absolute pleasure of being able to work with Kate on a mammoth project…her enthusiasm and energy was absolutely brilliant.

Right from the start of this project, Kate was a true collaborator. We had limited time to turn around this project and Kate hit the ground running. Sharing her expertise, knowledge and support she exceeded all expectations. She certainly knows her stuff and it felt like we’d worked together for years rather than a few months. Kate was generous with her time throughout this project and was a great part of the team.

Her ability to create a learning environment where delegates immersed themselves in the discussions is testament to Kate’s ability to include everyone. Her approach was super inclusive and the delegates feedback was excellent.

I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. If you’re looking for a HR expert with the added advantage of being a great team player and facilitator, then reach out to Kate. We’d definitely reach out to partner with Kate on future projects in a heartbeat. “


At People Efficient, we are specialists in solving People & Leadership challenges.

We combine this with the latest agile delivery practices to unlock team excellence.

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