Building Empowering Leaders of Remote Teams

People Efficient holds the belief that how we work is the solution to high-performance, good mental well-being and empowering leadership.

What's hard about leading remote teams?

It’s likely to be one or more of these!

That’s where I can help!

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Why build empowering leaders of remote teams?

As our world becomes increasingly more Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic and Ambiguous, leaders often crave control which has led to low trust and poor employee engagement.

The more the world feels out of control, the more we try to control the things in it that we can. But control can lead to a loss of autonomy, empowerment and can make people crave flexibility.

By connecting the practices, methodology and frameworks of Agile into your leadership teams, we will produce empowered leaders that can lead remote/hybrid teams to consistently improve, driving growth, innovation and profitability to your business.

Our unique courses and consultants will enable your leaders to transition into empowered leaders that have unlocked the skills needed to drive higher engagement, improved bottom line and better wellbeing – even with remote/hybrid teams.

Our Build EMPOWERING Leaders of Remote Teams courses

You'll learn how to:

Each course includes:

You’ll be using Agile HR frameworks & methodologies in the courses to create high-performing, engaged & productive teams that are able to thrive in a remote work environment.

You’ll leave with your own Agile frameworks to put into action in your remote team as well as a playbook that will help you as you do it!

February 2024 - SOLD OUT

March 2024 - SOLD OUT

I'm Kate - expert in Agile HR, digital transformation & all things leadership

With 25+ years experience in HR in both large global companies and SME’s, I am an expert in guiding and supporting businesses in all things HR/People/Leadership and Business Agility.

I specialise in building EMPOWERING leaders of remote/hybrid team, using Agile HR frameworks & methodology to create high-performing, engaged, and productive teams that are able to thrive in a remote work environment.

My background leading complex projects on employee engagement, employee experience, culture, wellbeing, project management and employee relations with clients such as Commonwealth Games, BMW, Channel 4 and Lee Stafford, have helped leaders to put their people at the front and centre of their business strategy.

I use my Masters level in HR (CIPD L7), Agile and Scrum qualifications to help leaders respond to change at pace and build transparent, efficient and people-centred cultures. I’m an energetic, digitally focused and an innovative facilitator, podcast host and keynote speaker; as well as a passionate advocate for equality and developing other HR practitioners.

How do you know that I can help you?

Here are what some course attendees have shared:

Course attendee
"Kate did such a great job. Kept things engaging and interesting and most importantly, informative."
Case Studies
Course attendee
"Kate was a great presenter! Kept the presentation interesting and enjoyed the interactivity."
Case Studies
Course attendee
"Kate was great, and very engaging! I also liked that there was some humour involved in the session."
Case Studies
Course attendee
"Kate was a tremendous presenter and led a great session. I learned a few things regarding constructive feedback and goal setting."
Case Studies
Course attendee
"Great flow, dynamic, and sense of humour. Informative without overloading with too much information at once. Good balance of learning and interactivity."
Case Studies
Course attendee
"Kate was amazing. She kept everyone engaged and I loved how the presentation was very modern."
Case Studies
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“I enjoyed the course. It was engaging and we were encouraged to engage throughout the course. It was well organised and well presented.“