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Create a Great Onboarding Experience

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August 21, 2023

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of a comprehensive and compassionate onboarding process.

Starting a new job can be an overwhelming experience. 

The first few days and weeks are critical in forming a positive impression of the company, its culture, and the new role. 

💡 Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%.

By providing new employees with a clear understanding of their role and a supportive work environment, we can help them feel valued and ultimately contribute more effectively to the company.

 5 tips for ensuring a welcoming integration

Clearly Defined Expectations

The first step to a successful onboarding process is to set clear expectations. Employees want to understand their roles, responsibilities, and how they fit into the company.

💡 60% of businesses don’t set any goals or milestones for new hires.

A comprehensive job description, a clear outline of performance expectations, and training on relevant tools and software will go a long way towards building confidence and trust. 

By investing in a thorough onboarding process, we demonstrate a commitment to employee success from day one.

The Power of Check-ins

Regular check-ins can help new employees feel supported and reduce anxiety.

💡 72% of employees report that 1:1 time with their direct manager is crucial to good onboarding.

Scheduled one-to-one meetings with managers or mentors give employees an opportunity to ask questions, get reassurances, provide feedback, and build a strong relationship with their colleagues.

This communication can help new employees feel more comfortable in their roles and more engaged in the company.

Getting Down to Work

While training and orientation are crucial to onboarding, new employees also need to feel that they are contributing meaningfully to the business. 

By giving them opportunities to work on real projects, we help them build confidence and understand how their role fits into the bigger picture. 

78% of employees report that they would remain with a company longer if they have a clear career path within the current organisation.

By demonstrating trust in their abilities, we can build a sense of pride and ownership in their work.

The Impact a Mentor Can Make

A mentor can be a powerful asset during the onboarding process. 

A mentor can help the new employee navigate the business, provide guidance on work-related matters, and offer insight into the company culture. 

97% of employees say mentors have been valuable.

By pairing new employees with mentors, we help them feel supported and valued.

What to Do if It Isn’t Working Out

Despite our best efforts, sometimes it becomes apparent that a new starter isn’t a good fit for the role or the company. 

As much as 20% of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment.

In such cases, it is important to address the issue quickly and compassionately. By having open and honest conversations, we can identify issues and help employees navigate their next steps. 

This approach will ultimately help us retain strong performers while reducing the negative impact of a poor fit.

Creating an Great Onboarding Experience

For a deeper dive into the ways you can create a great onboarding experience take a look at our free guide. 

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You’ll find:

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  • Embedding your culture from the start
  • The case for removing probationary periods

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