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Unlocking Remote Team Excellence

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January 23, 2024

“The more the world feels out of control, the more we try to control the things in it that we can. But those being controlled can feel a loss of autonomy and empowerment which can stifle collaboration, creativity and productivity”

– Kate Maddison-Greenwell

For a long time now, we have met with frustrated HR Leaders that are struggling to make their remote/hybrid work successful.

There has been a recent drive towards giving up and forcing everyone to return to the office, which is having a big impact on EDI gains, employee experience and talent attraction.

November 2023 marked the beginning of our thorough research initiative. We immersed ourselves into the experiences and perspectives of Human Resource (HR) & Business leaders navigating the realm of remote work.

What we really wanted to know was WHAT are the frustrations held by HR leaders in remote teams and HOW are they linked to leadership within their company.

The response to our research was overwhelming, with hundreds of HR & business leaders generously sharing their insights, experiences and concerns.

We’re excited to be sharing our research. In this report you’ll find:

  • Exclusive remote working stats
  • Direct quotes from participants
  • Solutions to remote work problems

The findings from this research have not only enriched our understanding but have directly influenced the evolution of our ‘Build EMPOWERING Leaders of Remote Teams‘ courses.

By aligning our courses with the real-world challenges identified through this research, we aim to equip leaders with the skills, strategies, and insights necessary to navigate and excel in the complex terrain of remote team leadership.

To find out more schedule a chat with our Agile HR expert, Kate Maddison-Greenwell here.