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HR: Past, Present & Future

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March 5, 2024

HR: Past, Present & Future with Natal Dank & Kevin Empey

Join us as we look back at HR’s recent past, discuss today’s challenges and the future of work and what that means for the HR profession.

✔ Kate Maddison-Greenwell MCIPD – Kate is an experienced HR practitioner having worked in large global companies and SME’s, Kate is now urging HR and business leaders to “reimagine how HR gets done” through her company People Efficient. Kate also co-hosts the popular HR podcast, “The HR Director’s Cut”.

✔ Natal Dank – Back by popular demand! Natal is recognised as a pioneer in Agile HR and business agility. Natal heads up Learning, Consultancy & Coaching at PXO Culture and is the Chief Trendwatcher at the HR Trend Institute. Natal is also co-authored “Agile HR: Delivering Value in a Changing World of Work”. Take a look at our Book Club series on the Hosting HR YouTube page where Leon and Natal discussed “Agile HR” further.

✔ Kevin Empey – An author and leading expert on organisational agility and the future of work. Kevin is the founder of WorkMatters, a leadership and organisational development consulting firm focused on supporting business leaders, HR leaders and their employees prepare for the changing world of work. Kevin recently published “Thrive in the Future of Work”.

Whether you’re a CEO, Business Leader or HR Leader, this event is a must-watch!

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