Agile HR Project Management

Many businesses are rapidly growing and need to undertake projects to ensure they achieve their business mission.

This can include improving the people experience, culture change, acquisitions, digital transformation, re-structuring, leadership and organisational development projects.

Whatever the problem is – we can help solve it using clear and transparent methods and frameworks to give you reassurance that we are making an impact for your business.

Start by solving the ACTUAL problem!

Too often there is a temptation to launch into a (costly) solution without first understanding the problem.

At People Efficient, we always undertake a thorough discovery process to understand the business objectives and mission, and then the perspectives of the team members that are facing the challenge.

This way, we can ensure that we are inclusive and keep everyone engages in the process and the outcome.

What's included?

Each business need is different, but usually, we provide:

  • An expert in Agile dedicated to your business
  • Training in Agile practices 
  • Employee engagement survey & report
  • Focus groups to understand your employees needs and frustrations
  • Leadership skill solutions
  • Clear roadmaps to show the project progress


All packages are tailored to suit business needs, size and budget.

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