Conflict resolution course

Conflict is part of our daily working lives as we work with others with different experiences, objectives and perspectives. It can have a negative impact on our relationships and team dynamics. However, well-managed conflict can bring about positive change…

Less conflict, more resolution

It has been found that 85% of employees deal with conflict at work at some point, and 29% of employees deal with it almost constantly.

Being able to communicate successfully is one of the most sought-after soft skills in the workplace, whether you’re dealing with the differences or demands of your employees, colleagues, managers, suppliers or clients.

A conflict that is handled poorly, or not handled at all, can cause irreparable damage to your organisation’s productivity and reputation.

In this course you will learn:

  • What conflict is and how it affect individuals, teams and the company
  • Causes of conflict, and how it escalates when not addressed
  • How to build an environment where challenge is embraced

This live, interactive course, tutor-led course will suit leaders or HR practitioners that want to re-frame conflict and reduce grievances.

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