Trust in Action: Cultivating Transparency for Organisational Growth

Cultivating Transparency, Trust & Autonomy Transparency is the cornerstone of effective leadership in remote work environments. Yet, recent findings from our study shed light on a concerning trend: 71% of HR leaders identified transparency as a key factor driving micromanagement behaviours. This revelation paints a picture of organisational distrust and its detrimental impact on productivity. […]

The Ripple Effect of Micromanagement: What You Need to Know

The Cost of Distrust: Unveiling the Hidden Impact of Micromanagement on Remote Teams In remote work trust stands as the cornerstone of effective leadership and micromanagement can easily destroy that trust. Recent findings from our study shed light on a concerning trend:  89% of HR leaders perceive a pervasive lack of trust within their organisations. […]

The Future Of Remote Working: Navigating The New Normal

Thousands of companies are still trying to find a remote working model that they feel comfortable with. 💡 34% of employees say they feel pressure from their employer to come into the office more often. Leaders don’t have the skills required to make remote working work. Instead they rely on replicating what they did face […]

Create a Great Onboarding Experience

Starting a new job can be an overwhelming experience.

The first few days and weeks are critical in forming a positive impression of the company, its culture, and the new role.

Create an Engaging People Experience

If you’re looking to create an engaging people experience strategy, you might notice some problems popping up in your organisation. Do you recognise these? When creating a people experience strategy, it’s best to include Agile HR methodologies. Agile HR means adopting flexible and iterative practices to improve HR processes, encourage collaboration, and respond effectively to […]

The Ultimate Handbook for Implementing Agile HR Practices

What exactly is Agile HR, and how can you implement agile practices in your department? In today’s ever-changing work landscape, it’s essential to be able to adapt quickly. Just like other departments, HR also faces the challenge of finding faster solutions by modernising and digitising its practices. This means that HR needs to embrace an […]