Most workers would look for new job if told to increase office attendance

Experts say employers need to listen to employees’ preferences and avoid ‘micromanaging and presenteeism’ to remain competitive by Isabel Jackson 5 March 2024 More than two thirds (69 per cent) of employees said they would start searching for a new job if they were told to spend more time in the office, a new People Management poll has revealed. The remaining […]

Who will win the ‘home vs office’ tug of war?

As growing numbers of businesses call staff back and Lord Sugar dubs remote workers ‘lazy layabouts’, People Management examines the arguments on both sides by Isabel Jackson 8 February 2024 As the pandemic came to an end and lockdowns eased, it seemed that remote working would be here to stay. However, almost four years on since the […]

Why HR needs to learn to be more agile

By being less rigid and structured, the profession can be more reactive to the ever-changing business environment, argues Kate Maddison-Greenwell by Kate Maddison-Greenwell 13 April 2022 If HR were more agile, this could transform the way companies operate and perform. As the business landscape evolves, the role of HR needs to transform along with it, otherwise […]