Meetings are a waste of time

This is what I used to do: Regular meetings, adhoc meetings, client meetings, update meetings, strategy meetings, wellbeing meetings, 121 meetings, performance review meetings. I instigated meetings and attended every one I was invited to (FOMO!). I probably don’t need to go on. Before I knew it, my diary was full – which made me […]

Who here thinks that keeping motivated is an easy job?

Who here thinks that keeping motivated is an easy job? No – me neither! Motivating employees is even harder. The concept of motivation may be straightforward: reduce conflict, increase collaboration and remove blockers or obstacles that frustrate or take people away from achieving. However; add in real-life issues, personal problems, personality clashes or confused communication […]

Have you lost your company culture? Want to know why (and how)?

Here’s the sitch: Over the last 3 months, I have been approached on multiple occasions by HRDs and CEOs who are concerned about the lack of morale in their business. These businesses had previously been thriving with motivated people and leaders, but now not so much. Usually, these people leaders think that the issue is due […]

The perils of having a ‘nice’ culture

Have you ever been invited to a meeting AFTER the actual meeting? You know, the one where you engage in slating the first meeting….? You may be working in a culture that is TOO nice! You know what I’m talking about – everyone was lovely and pleasant in the (probably virtual) room, but then they […]

Why HR needs to change, and fast…

We are living (and working!) in a VUCA world. Today’s organisations need to be able to respond to change quickly, flexibly and at pace. They should be able to: Change, and people’s emotive reaction to it, is often the biggest barrier to success and growth. To overcome this, organisations need to be able to rely […]

Are you ready for the Agile in HR (R)Evolution?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been frustrated with how HR is viewed within a company. Often considered a cost drain, the ‘HR Police’ or an obstacle/blocker. Well, I’ve got good news for you – the HR (R)Evolution is coming.  Which means HR is going to have to step up and […]