HR Director’s Cut

Kate is joined by Victoria Bond and Lisa Murphy to host their podcast: HR Director’s Cut. With over 44 episodes, 4 seasons and 13k+ downloads, each episode the hosts read a letter (sent in by a listener) and give their advice on various HR dilemmas. The hosts give options, insights and guidance through sharing what […]

The Future of Work Collective – S1 E19

Kate and Lucy Mundy put the world to rights by talking about positive solutions for hybrid working, why being assertive as a woman at work is still frowned upon, and how companies must engage staff in new ways in the volatile world we live in now.

The Unshakable Resilience Show – S1 E7

The covid pandemic has disrupted the lives of billions of people globally, with mental health challenges increasing by 30%. Many organisations are prioritising employee well-being to sustain productivity in the “new normal.” It is during times of uncertainty and change that the agility of a leader comes to the forefront. What are leaders focusing on […]

Quirky HR – Ep 11 Agility

Kate joins Quirky HR to talk about Agility. She shares her tips on how to make flexible working work, engaging leaders and getting stakeholders on board. She also goes into The Peter Problem – UK companies have more CEOs named Peter than women ( A great listen for anyone looking to start their journey into […]

Is this room free? – S3 E5

When you are spinning so many plates, you’d anticipate that managing your time can ​be a huge challenge. Kate explains how one of the keys to success is to be transparent and communicative with all stakeholders (skills that are both highly critical to be truly effective in your HR career). Kate is an absolute fountain […]

HR Coffee Time – 119

How using Agile can drive positive change & prove HR’s value If you’ve ever wondered how to shift your organisation’s perception of HR from being an operational, admin-heavy function, to one that is strategic, innovative and drives positive change; this episode of HR Coffee Time is here to help. Host, Fay Wallis is joined by […]