From Good To Great: Harnessing The Agile Mindset For Leadership

In this webinar our host, Kate, talks about Agile HR principles and people-centric leadership. We focus on empowering teams through agile methods and remote working best practices. People-centric leadership & empowerment Case study: Applying agile to improve hospitality business Prioritising solutions & minimum viable products Transparency, accountability & continuous improvement Whether you’re a CEO, Business […]

Best Practices for Creating a Thriving Culture

‘Building a Culture of Trust & Empowerment: Strategies for reducing Micromanagement and Unleashing Team Potential’ underscores the significance of Agile methodologies, particularly Scrum and Kanban, in creating environments that are transparent, collaborative, and adaptable to changing circumstances. Furthermore, it stresses the importance of organisational readiness in facing unforeseen challenges such as the global pandemic, COVID-19. […]

OKRs: Best Practices and Tips

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights into OKRs and how to make them work for your organisation’s success. In the ever-evolving business landscape, achieving clarity and effective communication is paramount for success. Join us for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the world of OKRs. Discover how to harness their power for […]

Creating an Exceptional Hybrid Culture

Creating an Exceptional Hybrid Culture With Secrets from a Coach Kate shares her research from over 700 leaders about the realities of hybrid working : the blockers and enablers and in particular how to make meetings and communication engaging and productive. Her research suggests 76% of managers do not feel equipped with the skills for […]

HR: Past, Present & Future

HR: Past, Present & Future with Natal Dank & Kevin Empey Join us as we look back at HR’s recent past, discuss today’s challenges and the future of work and what that means for the HR profession. ✔ Kate Maddison-Greenwell MCIPD – Kate is an experienced HR practitioner having worked in large global companies and […]

How Agile Can Revolutionise HR

How Agile Can Revolutionise HR – HR Recruit Kate Maddison-Greenwell presents a session on ‘How Agile Can Revolutionise HR’. Kate is a rising star in the Agile community, and with 23+ years in HR, she is committed to supporting HR to move from a cost centre to a profit enabling centre. In the webinar, Kate […]

Bringing Scrum to the HR Boardroom

Bringing Scrum to the HR Boardroom (Virtual Boardroom) – HR Recruit In this session, Kate Maddison-Greenwell takes us through how teams can be self-managing, and the significant benefits it can bring to a HR and/or leadership team. Using a scrum framework (part of the Agile methodology), Kate talked us through managing stakeholders, transparency, sprinting and […]

Redefining the Workplace

Redefining the Workplace: Building a Business Case for Remote/Hybrid Work Join us for an exciting online event that aims to revolutionise the way we work! In this highly anticipated gathering, we will dive deep into the world of remote and hybrid work models, exploring their benefits, challenges, and strategies for success. Kate Maddison-Greenwell, founder of […]

Navigating the Remote Workplace

Navigating the Remote Workplace: Uncovering the Challenges & Addressing Employee Needs In this webinar we’ll be unveiling the top challenges and employee needs currently shaping the HR landscape in 2024. This webinar is for you if: We will explore the evolving needs of the modern workforce and learn how to uncover and understand your employee […]

Psychological Safety Virtual Boardroom

Psychological Safety Virtual Boardroom with HR Recruit How can you ensure your organisation is psychologically safe? This webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn about the importance of psychological safety in teams, and how it can benefit leadership teams that are struggling with the demands of today’s VUCA world. Kate joins HR Recruit to cover […]