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A Guide to Going Agile in HR

What exactly is Agile HR, and how can you implement agile practices in your department? In today’s ever-changing work landscape, it’s essential to be able to adapt quickly. Just like other departments, HR also faces the challenge of finding faster solutions by modernising and digitising its practices. This means that HR needs to embrace an […]

Psychological Safety Virtual Boardroom

Psychological Safety Virtual Boardroom with HR Recruit How can you ensure your organisation is psychologically safe? This webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn about the importance of psychological safety in teams, and how it can benefit leadership teams that are struggling with the demands of today’s VUCA world. Kate joins HR Recruit to cover […]

How Agile is solving the burnout crisis

How Agile in HR™️ can help HR leaders overcome overwhelm The world of work has changed rapidly in the past couple of years, and HR leaders are feeling the impact. The pandemic has only accelerated the pressure that many HR teams are under. One of the most significant challenges that HR leaders are facing is […]

Bringing Calm to Chaos

Bringing Calm to Chaos: Using Agile Collaboration Techniques in Chaotic Teams In this webinar, we explore the Agile in HR™ framework and how it can be applied to manage chaotic teams effectively. Here’s what we cover: Whether you’re a team leader, manager, or HR professional, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical […]